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“I’m fascinated by the natural world that

exists just beyond the glare of the obvious.

That’s what my paintings are all about”

Peter Powell Roberts

Florida Artist Peter Powell Roberts was an instructor at the Ringling College of Art in Sarasota Florida for 23 years, and a department head. He also founded the Design and Computer Graphics Departments at the college.


After retirement Mr. Roberts moved to a homestead adjacent to Highlands Hammock State Park.  He dedicated himself to painting the hammock as a storyline to the cycle of life.



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He worked continually for 20 years producing oil on wood paintings until his wife of 46 years died. She was his anchor.


Peter Powell Roberts and his work went missing in 2010.  He was found two years later in Sunny Hills Nursing Home, Sebring, FL.  A body of 136 pieces of Mr. Roberts’ original oil on wood paintings and eight sculptures were later found in a storage shed.


Peter Powell Roberts art celebrates the Central Florida environment by rendering its details in compositions that reflect the abstract.


"Mr. Roberts paintings bring his unique talent for interpreting the oft overlooked minutiae present in Florida's landscape”, said Jim Fitch, Acquisition Agent for Florida Masters Collection and Founder of the Museum of Florida Art and Culture, SFSC.


Peter Powell Roberts willed his collection to Heartland Cultural Alliance, a 501(c)(3) art & cultural umbrella organization.  The collection is housed and may be viewed in the Peter Powell Roberts’ Museum of Art & Cultural Center in  Avon Park, Florida.


For more information contact Heartland Cultural Alliance, 310 W. Main St. Avon Park, FL  (863) 453-4531, Email, HCAPPRM@gmail.com

Peter Powell Roberts