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My name is Jim Fitch. I’m the Project Manager for the Peter Powell Roberts Museum of Art. I'm writing to introduce you to Florida artist, Peter Powell Roberts, and his contribution to Florida’s contemporary art tradition. Information is included  about an opportunity for exhibit venues to host a traveling exhibit of his work.


I’ve also added a link to my Resume to better explain my thirty-year involvement as an advocate for the contemporary art and artists of Florida who, in time, will earn the distinction of being recognized for creating the visual record of a particular period, 1950 to present, in Florida’s art history. I call those artists who have brought creativity, skill, and commitment to that tradition, Florida’s New Masters.  Peter Powell Roberts is one of those artists who have earned the title.

Little is known about Peter’s early life. Most of what we do know has been documented by Jan Merop in her book I Never Paint Alone. We know he was conceived in Wales and born in the U.S. We know he attended the Cleveland, Ohio School of Art, and we know that while vacationing in Sarasota, Florida he signed on as an instructor with the Ringling School of Art where he taught for 23 years. During the early years of that prestigious institution’s growth, he contributed significantly to its development and earned a Master's degree in education. All the while he was looking forward to the day he could devote his time to building a fine art career. 

When that time came Peter and his wife, Doris, established a new home on a small tract of land adjacent to Highlands Hammock State Park in Sebring that provided all the serenity and inspiration needed for his new artistic venture. This was a time when Florida art, in general, was coming into its own. There was no lack of art but there was a lack of artistic creativity, and he knew that to stand out he would have to find a signature subject and style. The Hammock provided both.


Peter used a gentle form of abstraction in his paintings that left room for even an unsophisticated viewer to form their own interpretation of the scene.

His work speaks for itself artistically and at the same time, reveals a world that exists beyond the obvious, waiting quietly to be discovered.

Jim Fitch, PPRM Project Manager

863 273 5861


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